Consulting Services for Women Who Want to

woman-hand-desk-office circle
  • start a business
  • follow their passion
  • make money
  • work from home
  • be in charge of her schedule
  • have a support structure
  • become a leader
  • learn how to effectively market their services
  • create business relationships

We are women.

Designers. Yogis. Artists. Healers. Dreamers. Idea Generators. Teachers. Mothers. Daughters. Wives. Grandmothers. Wisdom Warriors. Inspirationists. Empowerers of women. Circlers. Meditators. We gather and we create change. We do not wait for change, we make magic. We fall down, we get back up. We lean on each other and we call each other out. We are authentic. We are real. We are empowered women.

To be empowered is to give up “safe.”

Power comes from the willingness to leave the “way it’s been” and move into the unknown. Power, like a muscle, will not increase by doing nothing. So let’s do something.